Vanguard Global Wellington Looks As Strong As We Suspected It Would

When I first profiled the Vanguard Global Wellington Fund (VGWLX) right when it launched back in November, a lot of the analysis was based on what the fund might look like. We knew that it would probably have a similar look and feel to the original Vanguard Wellington Fund (VWELX), but the fact that it was going to invest globally, instead of just in the United States, left some speculation as to where it might invest, how risky the international component might look and how risk within the fixed income allocation might factor in.

The fund is about four months old now, so we can finally answer some of those questions! As a refresher, Global Wellington, at a high level, will look a lot like Wellington. It'll maintain an allocation of around 2/3 stocks and 1/3 bonds, focusing mainly on high quality, mature large-cap stocks, and investment-grade bonds of all maturities. The fund has already accumulated more than $850 million in assets, so investors have taken to the fund, as has largely been expected.

The fund is fairly evenly distributed between domestic equities, foreign equities and fixed income.

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