• The long-awaited Brexit deal is finally in place and while it still has to make its way through Parliament, it looks like a major source of uncertainty is finally being lifted off of the Eurozone. United Kingdom stocks are up about 1.5% in premarket trading and up just over 11% [...]
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    Not a whole lot of change here compared to last week. Most signals suggest that equities are still a buy while bonds are a sell despite all sitting above their 200-day moving averages. Small-caps are more of a mixed bag. Trade optimism is a bullish signal but the technicals aren’t [...]
  • Last Friday, I picked up some shares of the KraneShares China Internet ETF (KWEB). It invests in a portfolio of China-based companies whose primary businesses are in the Internet and Internet-related sectors. Top holdings include Alibaba (BABA), Tencent (TCEHY), Baidu (BIDU), JD.com (JD) and Netease (NTES). It’s not a large position and I [...]
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    Stocks have mostly drifted gently downward over the past several trading days but most indicators are still suggesting the bulls are in control. Large-caps, with the exception of health care and energy, are all flashing buy signals. Small-caps are more mixed as the brief run of outperformance looks to have [...]
  • One of the biggest stories in the financial markets today is the White House contemplating limiting or completely choking off investment into China.   China stocks have plunged on the rumor with China ETFs down 4-8% from just their earlier September highs.   The natural reaction to this news (along [...]
  • The bleeding in Treasuries finally stopped last week but the question now is if this is just a snapback from an oversold drop or if this was a short-term correction in a Treasury bull that could continue. Despite long-term fundamentals that continue to slowly deteriorate, short-term sentiment should remain positive [...]
  • Small-caps have staged an impressive rally over the past couple of weeks. Since trade tensions softened and Treasury yields soared, small-caps have smacked around large-caps returning 6.5% compared to just a 2% return for the S&P 500. It’s been quite a turnaround compared to what we’ve seen during most of 2019. There’s reason to [...]
  • As you likely already know, Saudi Arabian oil fields were damaged in a drone attack over the weekend crippling roughly 5% of the world’s daily oil output. Both WTI and Brent crude oil prices are up about 12% on the day despite President Trump releasing some of the strategic reserves. This [...]
  • That’s what at least one market watcher thinks. A surprise drone strike on Saudi Arabian oil fields that figure to take half of the country’s oil production offline could send oil prices soaring in the coming days. It’s estimated that nearly 5.7 million barrels of oil a day or about [...]
  • For the first time since the fourth quarter correction of last year, value stocks are taking market leadership. That instance was more that value stocks lost less than growth stocks. Right now, value stocks are leading on the way up. During the month of September, the iShares Edge MSCI USA Value [...]

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