Introducing The ETF Focus Ultra Low Cost Core Portfolio

I hear from a lot of investors who are just getting started out for the first time. Whether they're looking to develop a portfolio for themselves or a friend or a family member, most are less concerned with digging through hundreds of funds and are more concerned with just building a solid foundation that can last them years and years until they hit retirement. For these folks, less complicated is better.

Mutual funds have been great for the everyday investor but I think ETFs are even better. Like the mutual fund, they provide broad diversification in one simple package, but ETFs have added benefits. They can be traded throughout the day instead of just once at the end of the day. In many cases, they have lower expense ratios than their mutual fund counterparts. The minimum purchase in most instances is just one share, bypassing the need to start out with a minimum initial investment in the thousands of dollars. Suffice it to say, I greatly prefer ETFs to mutual funds.

With those things being said, I'd like to introduce the ETF Focus Ultra Low Cost Core Portfolio.

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