Reader Q&A: How Do ITOT And SCHB Compare?

Quite often, I get questions from readers asking about funds and ETFs whether it's in the comment thread of an article or as a direct message. So I thought it might be useful to take these questions along with my answers and put it up as a quick post. I figure there are a lot of cases where someone has a similar question so why not use it as a learning opportunity for everybody?

As always, all names have been removed for anonymity. Do you have a question you're looking to have answered? Feel free to leave a comment wherever you happen to read one of my articles!

Today's question (lightly edited for clarity)...

Question: I have two pots of money. My dividend paying single stocks pot, and my index pot. I would like to see an article comparing ITOT and SCHB, in a simple way to comprehend (so I can understand it).

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