QDF: Choosing Quality Dividends Over Large Dividends

Dividend stocks and dividend ETFs have as a whole performed about on par with the S&P 500 thus far in 2015. These investment have remained popular among income investors seeking an alternative to low-yielding Treasuries and CDs. Some of the buying interest in dividend stocks have pushed share prices up and dividend yields down pushing some investors to seek out higher risk, higher dividend stocks in order to maintain their income stream.


I wrote earlier this year about the Global X SuperDividend ETF (NYSEARCA:SDIV) and the risks that come with reaching for high yields. That ETF specifically drew some of its risk from heavier weighting in REITs and MLPs so comparing this ETF to a more standard dividend ETF isn't a direct apples to apples comparison but it does illustrate the need to focus on high quality dividend yields over just high dividend yields.

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