The Battle For ETF Supremacy: Vanguard Ready To Take On BlackRock

Vanguard has long been known as the low-cost leader in the mutual fund industry. If it has its way, it will soon be known as the leader in the ETF universe as well.


That title currently belongs to BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) and its iShares family of ETFs that currently manages just short of $700 billion. Right now, Vanguard sits in a distant third place, with $360 billion, but is rapidly approaching the second placed State Street (NYSE:STT) (and its popular SPDR ETFs), with $386 billion. The current trend in the marketplace is unmistakable, though. Investors are turning their collective backs on actively managed funds with their higher fees and largely inferior performance in favor of passively managed low-cost index funds. As more and more money gets poured into these funds and ETFs, Vanguard, with its prominent position in the marketplace as the low-cost index fund leader, has figured to capitalize on the trend.

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