ETFs In Focus: Top Ideas For The Week Of 3/5/2018

Each week, I scan the ETF marketplace to identify 10 top ideas - one from each of 10 different segments of the market - that present opportunities you should be aware of for the coming week. These are two of those 10 top ideas that are available to ETF Focus subscribers.

The Equity ETF Idea

I've been pushing value stocks as a better proposition than growth stocks for several months now, and I continue to have conviction in the idea. Value was a big underperformer in 2017, and 2018 has, so far, been a similar story. But now might be a good time to consider taking some risk off the table. A rotation from stocks into bonds doesn't make a whole lot of sense right now, given the expected rise in interest rates, unless you choose to stay way on the short end of the curve. Growth stocks have performed great as President Trump implemented his pro-growth agenda and slashed the corporate tax rate, but stocks are facing several headwinds that should be tipping the scales back in the favor of value.

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